What does your quiet time look like?

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Mark 1:35 NIV

This is how Jesus did His ‘quiet time’. He saw the value in removing himself from the busyness of life and leaning into time with His Father. Safe to say, if Jesus needed to do it, there’s great benefit in us doing it as well.

Carving out that time, is where the struggle usually lies for most of us. With our different life stages and the responsibilities that go along with that, retreating ‘very early in the morning’ may not work for everyone. So, we thought we’d ask 4 AC members to give us a peek into their quiet time.

You’ll notice that each person who shared below, has their own process that works for them and we’ve got to say, we’re pretty sure each of them makes God’s heart leap for joy. He doesn’t particularly fuss about the time of day…He just wants it to be somewhere in our day.

If quiet time with God has felt like a burden for you and you feel like you ‘just can’t seem to get it right’, show yourself some grace and continue to lean into His Word. Imagine this, the happiness that you feel when you get a text, phone call, email, video chat or even visit from a loved one, multiply that by infinity…that’s the level of joy that God feels when you spend time with Him.

Don’t be legalistic about it, just do it because you want to hear what your Father wants to say to you each day and He wants to spend time with you and chat about the details of your life.

Name: Christina Hamilton

Life Stage: Recently married, Occasional Teacher

What does your quiet time look like right now?

I used to think that devotions needed to look a certain way; my day was almost over, I’d found the coziest spot on the couch with my bible, journal and highlighters at the ready! The room was quiet. It was just me and Jesus. Sounds perfect, right? But life changes and quickly these moments didn’t fit into my ever-changing daily schedule as an Occasional Teacher & newly married wife. My days were never the same. With an unpredictable work schedule and new responsibilities, I learned a lot about my relationship with God. Up until this point, I had believed that I was only able to meet with God when everything was just right. Everything had to be in order. My quiet time had become more religious than graceful. Those perfect moments had become more about me than Him. God was asking me to meet with Him in the midst of everything but I just felt obligated to read another 35 verses ...and I definitely couldn’t do that unless everything else was under control. God was everywhere throughout my day but I had limited our conversations to fit between 830-9pm every night. When life changed, I had to choose to grow in my relationship with God or be overwhelmed with frustration. Today my quiet time looks very different. Some days are still cozy moments on the couch, just me and Jesus. But most days I give myself a little grace to figure out what fits the best - using an audio bible app while i’m getting ready in the morning, listening to a podcast / audiobook, or simply playing worship music in my car as I’m driving to work. Now my relationship & conversations with God aren’t limited to a specific time. He’s worthy of my entire day, not just 30mins.

Name: Kurt Evans

Life Stage: Married with two children (11 and 7), Entrepreneur

What does your quiet time look like right now?

Quiet time? I’m not sure I’d describe any part of my day as quiet time at this stage of life! That said, with all of life’s distractions these days, I try my best each day to carve out some time in the morning for my devotions and prayer time. And usually as early as possible. I’ve found this sets me up best for the daily battles we are going to face. It’s the enemy’s goal to try and ensure that we are fully distracted and don’t get time with our Heavenly Father. When I miss doing my devotions in the morning, I can see it affecting my day. It’s like going to battle without a sword and amour, you just aren’t prepared. More often than not my devotions are relevant to my day and really feed my spirit in preparation. It amazes me that so often the words I’m reading speak exactly what I need for that day (even if I don’t realize it at the time). But of course, God knows what we need for the day, we just have to commit some quiet time to listen.

Name: Becky McLaren

Life Stage: Married with two boys (11 and 9)

What does your quiet time look like right now?

Devotions can be a challenge to fit in. I’m not an early riser and so I usually do them after my boys have gone to school and the house is quiet. I love to sit at my breakfast bar. I pray first and ask God to speak to me through what I read. My mind can often get easily distracted and I start thinking of what I need to do for that day. If this happens I write down on a piece of paper whatever I’m thinking about and put it aside to deal with later. It really helps.

The devotional I’m currently reading is called ‘Embraced:100 Devotions to Know God is Holding You Close’ by Lysa Terkeurst. She shares a scripture and then something from her life that applies to it. I read the scripture a few times to let it really sink in. My time with God can feel like sitting down with a friend with a nice hot cup of tea and then other times it can be like being with a teacher who is showing you where you’re going wrong. God always knows what I need and when.

Name: Sacha Sewhdat

Life Stage: Married, Entrepreneur

What does your quiet time look like right now?

As I’m writing this, God speaks to me most through hockey but I’m reluctant to share deeply about it because even some of my closest Christian friends have listened to me with a raised eyebrow when I have shared about my experiences in any great depth.

It’s mostly about trying to be quiet and still and being in the moment with God. This approach has really begun to influence how I live the rest of my life.

When I play and it’s not about God, it’s as frustrating and demoralizing as anything else I do that’s about me and my wants.

When I play with God and for God, win or lose, there’s nothing quite like it.

It’s not about the hockey. It’s about these sublime moments where everything that’s happening around me informs me about other areas of my life. Often I learn something or something is revealed to me about myself, my relationships, life in general, or even Jesus himself.

I don’t really read devotionals because I find it hard to stick with them. Life and the structure of those books rarely coincide for me so I always feel a little disconnected from the content.

As much as I try to keep it fresh, I am gaining an appreciation for routine and if I set aside time in the morning, I typically read a verse or a chapter of the Bible.