There’s nothing like a pandemic to shake things up and get us resetting our priorities. We’ve had to change a few things over the last weeks and some of us may still be making some changes. It took a few days for new measures to be in place and everything happened so quickly, with ripple effects barreling through our communities and church family.

I’m sure the disciples were shaken after Jesus was suddenly arrested and brought before Pilot. Yes, Jesus had asked them to be in prayer (much like our church family had already been in prayer before the pandemic hit) but they didn’t understand what was happening. Not fully.

When Jesus was sentenced to death and led off to die on the cross, the disciples must have felt like their world had been turned upside-down. Their peaceful time of following Jesus as he walked on earth was over. Who would they follow now? Their hopes of political change had been dashed and suddenly they were in danger of being arrested themselves. One day they were all having supper with Jesus and the next thing they knew, their group had fled in various directions in fear.

The early church was in a crisis. Jesus had been executed.

What seemed like a catastrophe wasn’t a surprise to God the Father.

But, in three days, everything changed.

Everything changed.


When Jesus cried out that it was finished, He truly had made all the difference in the world in redeeming us back from darkness to light, in paying the price for our sin. All of our sin. He conquered sin and death, for us. Forever, and ever, amen.

What happened on Good Friday, when Jesus breathed his last, was enough. When the stone was rolled away and he talked to the women outside the tomb, Jesus had fulfilled everything His Father had sent him to do. All in line with the prophecies, down to the last detail.

Jesus’ death and resurrection, the GOOD NEWS, was enough then, it is enough now, and for all eternity. For you and for me. Forever.

But do we really get it?

Do we really understand that there is nothing that can now separate us from the Love of God in Christ?

Can a pandemic do that? Can famine or feast? Can trials and tribulations?

No, they can’t. The only thing that has the potential of hindering us from KNOWING that there is nothing that can separate us from God’s all-encompassing redemption and love is that liar that goes around seeking whom he can destroy, spreading lies and lulling God’s people into complacency.

One good thing about these uncertain times, is that when things like this come our way, we are shaken out of complacency and whatever rut we may have been caught in to evaluate what we put the most importance on.

We have an opportunity to prune back the meaningless, frivolous things in life that really don’t matter in the light of eternity.

We have an opportunity to let people know that we have a hope that is eternal and that no matter what we face, they can have it too.

Church, people are watching you as you navigate through these times.

Let’s first grab hold of the fact that JESUS is enough.

And let’s live like we believe it.

Submitted by Melony Teague (part of our AC family)

Melony is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and The Word Guild. Her fiction debut, A Promise to Keep released, Jan 21, 2020. She is the co-author of As the Ink Flows, a devotional for authors. Born in South Africa, Melony now lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and their two children.