In 1955, Frank Sinatra sang, “Love and Marriage. Love and Marriage. It’s an Institute you can’t disparage”. What keeps the flame of love, alive and well, 50, 60 years into the future? This is our perspective. You must do it your way, and you will!

First of all, we should examine parts of the marriage vows. “to have and to hold; for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; to love and to cherish; till death do us part”. When we step up to the altar, do these words resonate with us in total understanding and belief, or are we thinking nervously in the moment, of just saying, “I do”. Time will test us, to put
these basic tenets of marriage into practice.

A 50-year plus marriage is a journey, that has to be undertaken, side by side as partners, through the ups and downs,the joys and disappointments, the sorrow of defeat and the beauty of victory, the warmth of summerlike situations and the cold of winterlike events.

You are a team, that must really care for each other, in a manner that adjusts from those initial years when “Eros”, or romantic love, makes you a couple, and takes over your lives, and then melds in to “Agape”, or unconditional “God love”. You must want for your spouse, what you want for yourself. You must be sensitive to the needs of your spouse, as you would, to your own desires. You can and will question, but you must support.

As the “two”, become a family of three or more, the joy of these additions should strengthen and consolidate your relationship. Your bond of marriage, has now been given an even greater purpose. To jointly raise and love your children, in a manner, which reflects the inherent love between the two of you, their parents.

Couples are not the same. “Opposites attract”, is a famous saying, which is correct to a degree in the beginning, but long term success comes from agreement, common goals, the ability to say “I was wrong or You were right”, respect, Agape love, sharing your feelings, honesty with one another, trust, kindness, tolerance, friendship, and caring for one another, all enabling the flame that burned so brightly, so many years ago, to remain alive and well.

Marriage has been termed, “as a work in progress”. If, in our opinion, you put into practice the features shown above, you will both be rewarded with an inner feeling of peace, joy and contentment and experience a life, jointly well lived.

Bob, wedded young in the West, to Eleanor the best. Parented daughters so fine, three ladies divine. Births in three provinces, brought an Eleanor decree. Future transfers, will require a procedure for thee.

Proud grandparents of children, numbering seven. God’s gift to our earth walk, before entering heaven. The title “great”, added to three children more. We pray for their safety, and what life has in store.

Written by Bob Coyle.