About Aurora Cornerstone

We are a diverse community providing opportunities to love God through relevant worship expressions. We pursue the Presence of God to see people transformed through experiencing Jesus in prayer, the Word, and physical encounters in our gatherings, placed within our community and released into our cities. We radically demonstrate the Love of God for people in relevant and powerful ways through intentional acts of outreach and a lifestyle of living outside of ourselves. Loving God and loving people are not just what we do, but who we are.

Aurora Cornerstone Church is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Core Values

The Presence of God

Everything we do is centered on the Presence of God; it's what separates followers of Jesus from every other religion or belief. In our services, life groups, and relationships we honour God's presence and as a community, we pursue His presence above everything.


We are a community with real people, which have real struggles and experience real love from God and each other. The truth that everyone has a past is no secret. We all need a place in a safe community where we are accepted. Through acceptance, authenticity and humility, honest accountability will flourish.


We aim for excellence in everything that we do. God gives nothing but the best and we believe that our lives and ministry should reflect that. The message of Jesus never changes, but the way it is presented should aim to reach our current culture.


We are a multicultural and multi-generational church that thrives in the unity of Jesus. Unity is not conformity and we celebrate diversity. All people regardless of age and culture not only belong here but also are represented in our community.


We are a forever family that does life together. Through our togetherness and intentional acts of love, we are reaching to those outside our walls to show them what genuine love looks like.