The Living Room

The Living Room

When: Sunday evenings at 5:30pm

Location: Please call 647-707-3684 for meeting location

The young adult age is not an easy one. Coming out of high school you are expected to begin to make many major life decisions that carry the weight of impacting the rest of your life, education, career, relationships, marriage and exploring your spiritual life. In this group we are real and authentic as we build relationships, look at life issues and seek God.

We believe that the Bible is applicable to our lives today, not just in an intellectual way but also experiential. God is not a cosmic force that is uninvolved in our lives, He is up-close and personal with every detail and we can have a passionate vibrant relationship with Him. We desire not just to study God but also to see the things we read about in the Bible experienced in our everyday lives.

This is a family; there is a place here for you no matter what your life stage is: single, student, working professional, married, parent, or single-parent you are welcome and you belong.